Exceptional People.
Exceptional Care.
“With more than 100 members, specialists in their respective fields, from across the globe, Medics united is first professional educational and clinical resource of its kind in Pakistan, to share up to date, evidence based knowledge, and clinical skills through interactive lectures, group discussions , internationally renowned educational resources , telemedicine clinics and much more."

A unique project of its type in Pakistan.

We are a bunch of doctors from different specialties, passionate to promote the standards of healthcare through evidence based medicine and up to date health education.

What Services do we Offer?

Academic Activities

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming interactive tutorials , useful learning resources, interesting articles, updates on novel therapies , case based discussions and much more.

Training Courses

Courses Including as BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS/PTC and many more

Coaching Sessions

Orientation and preparation advise for PLAB, Royal college exams, USMLE, FCPS.

Tele Medicine

One of our upcoming projects, Telemedicine is the future of healthcare globally.

Our idea is to reach out to the remote and deprived parts of pakistan with international standard healthcare facilities through this novel idea .

We have a team of specialists from around the globe, who will be offering their services for this project.

Our very first live tutorial deliverd at an institutional level to Saidu teaching hospital.

Our very first live tutorial deliverd at an institutional level to Saidu teaching hospital.

Meet our Doctors

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